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The Désir Experience soundtrack by Matis

This mix was created for the Désir Experience pop up store supported by Converse in December 2022.  

Matis Bonnet, a skater from the Désir skate team, mixed it live and recorded it for the people who were not able to attend the pop -up . In his own words, Matis

"tried to follow a heavy old-school disco vibe with a good techno base"

Listen to the désir experience.

Désir first Pop-up soundtrack by Termination 800

A Désir Mix from our first Pop-up Event in Paris, curated by us

and mixed by Termination 800. It is a mix of our different influences translated through different music genres such as bossa nova,  house, 90's Memphis hip hop, or trip hop ... It starts sweet and mellow then gains more power.

Enjoy the first Désir mix.

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